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Good Night, Day is a Canadian knitwear label, independently run by Tara-Lynn Morrison, the brand's sole founder, designer and knitter. The Good Night, Day aesthetic emphasizes sustainability, minimalist design, and is entirely hand-knit in limited run, exclusive batches, using fairly traded natural wool from South America.

GND's Commitment/Mission Statement

Tara-Lynn is involved in every step of the highly personal, hands-on process, rooted in traditional handicraft and quality, one of a kind pieces, and sustainability. The approach is consciously political, and a positive contribution to the slow fashion movement, with a modern, minimalist nod.

Tara-Lynn feels  sharing her knitting patterns, offers empowerment & creativity through this solitary handicraft  for the new expanding makers community . The Good Night Day patterns & booklets give easy access to those wishing to learn simple ways to approach daunting hand knitting skills. The patterns are an introduction to traditional hand knitting using straight forward & innovative knitting techniques learnt & now passed on. Tara-Lynn prints the booklets locally, & shares them on ravelry in pdf format, for accessibility & the love of the printed word. 

Why GND uses South American wools

Good Night, Day is committed to sourcing fair trade wool from generations of shepherds and artisans in the rural highlands and communities of Peru, Uruguay and a women's collective in Argentina. The high-quality eco-wool is produced with superior natural fibres- mainly alpaca and merino blends - and is all hand spun, hand dyed and contributes to preserving an ongoing heritage, history and culture.

photo below from KnitWit magazine, Anabela Piersol